Blue Eyed Jewels Beginning.

I opened BlueEyedJewelsTX back in Oct 2013. At that time I had just given birth to my second little boy and my oldest was 2 1/2. I was staying home taking care of my babies, and working part time. I began making jewelry as my creative outlet. I had a friend who had asked me if I could make a Handstamped Necklace for her as gifts for Christmas. Of course I said yes. So, I did some research, got the materials and started stamping away!

My sister is the one who told me about Etsy. She encouraged me to open a store and start selling my items there. Etsy is such an amazing site! I decided to open up a shop, I put my designs up and 5 years since I opened here on Etsy, it has been amazing. It has been such a blessing for our little family!
It is my passion and I LOVE what I do. I love making custom orders. I love making Personalized and unique jewelry. I am SO blessed to have Etsy, it has allowed me to stay home with my Three little ones and still work and do what I love. I take the time to make sure each piece is just right, I take pride in my work and in my customer service.

The Story behind the name...Blue Eyed Jewels.... When I first decided to sell my jewelry, I contemplated on many different names. It was shortly after my second son was born and at the time both of my sons had BLUE eyes. I really liked the idea of calling it Blue Eyed Jewels. And so it was....

<3 <3 Thank you so much for stopping by my shop and supporting my business!

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